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Awakening the public on social aspects with our Photography Service, Commercial Films Making Service, Corporate Film Making Service, Documentary Film Making Services, Website Designing Services and other Films from different genres..

About Us

Majin Films is a committed organization working as a service provider in the domain of Film Making and Screening since the year 2000. Named post a Japanese Demon (Manjin) who is credited with characteristics like Ferocious, Powerful and Focused, we also aim to destroy the orthodox mind frames of people with positive approach in film making. Underlining the societal hazards around the nation and worldwide, we present influential scripts in our Films. Like Manjin demon, we also obey our masters (clients) and deliver them results which are beyond their imaginations. We have recruited a team of aggressive and passionate members who focus at hearing the public and providing them creative ideas of filming. The genres in which we work include Documentary Films, Short Films, Internal Communication Films, Corporate Films and others. Destroying the barriers of traditional rules in filming, we absorb the innovative ways to create unmatched shots and scenes. Abiding by our focus to create a change in the society, we welcome the refreshing ideas for the same. We have been experiencing an inspirational and encouraging path since inception and our capability of video production has been raising with time.

Majin Philosophy

Our company destroys all the traditional barriers of cinema and is not bounded to work within any ethics. The strong ideas of our creation based on the aggressive approach help us innovate the action plans. We render excellence in transforming cinematic ideas and enjoy the power of magical thinking actively to render our services and leave a mark in minds of viewers. We do not hesitate in absorbing diverse traits and abilities along with attacking our own lines of efficiencies. We use our Out of the Box thinking as our supreme armor to influence the audience for betterment of the society.

Genres We Serve

Our company is into Film making with an aim to serve the Society for betterment. The genres we deal in are listed below:

  • Photography Service
  • Commercial Films Making Service
  • Corporate Film Making Service
  • Documentary Film Making Services
  • Website Designing Services
  • Graphic Designing Service
  • Animation Designing Service
  • Mobile Application Developing Services
  • Identity Designing Service
  • AD Film Production Services
  • Short Film Making Service
  • Product Demo Service
  • Corporate Films Making Service
  • TV Commercials Ads Making Service
  • Short Films Making Service
  • Motion Graphics Making Service
  • Internal Communication Films Making Service
  • Event Films Making Service
  • Website Films Making Service
  • Documentary Films Making Service
  • Line Production For Feature Films Making Service
  • 2D/ 3D Character Animation Films Making Service
  • Product Presentation Films Making Service
  • Ex-plainer Video Making Service
  • Product Photography Service
    Delightful Associates

    Our company is supported by some of the most trusted and renowned brands of the market. They aid us with the mode of advertisements and finance us well to deliver quality results.

    • Apollo Hospitals
    • Axis Mutual Fund
    • Edelweiss Tokio Life
    • Franklin Templeton Investments
    • Giants International
    • Godrej
    • Henkel
    • Hindustan Unilever Limited
    • IndusInd Bank
    • NOKIA Connecting People
    • TEDx
    LIVE Cinema! STIR Cinema!

    For us, unlike others, cinema is more than utter entertainment. If a story holds strong message behind it, the film could influence people and change their lives. In this perspective, this should be a responsible task of every film maker to work for the betterment of society and act in accordance with the not-so-clearly prescribed rules. Commercialization being the strength of the film industry cannot be completely ruled out but this should not be the only consideration for success.

    Our context of saying LIVE Cinema includes:
    • VALUE based
    STIR up MOVIE making is the content used by us for the following:
    • THINKING that
    Commercial success becomes a dual product in abundance if the LIVE CINEMA STIRs the audience.